PR launch of Farmer, Butcher, Chef

Goodwood’s sustainable restaurant Farmer, Butcher, Chef opened its doors in 2016 and I was hired as a consultant to work on the PR launch.

The Duke of Richmond, owner of this pioneering estate in West Sussex, was keen to raise awareness about the estate’s food and farming heritage. I worked closely with the family and the farm team to come up with the right stories that would appeal to journalists from food, lifestyle, travel and business publications, generating 19 national newspaper articles over the space of 12 months as well as coverage in the likes of Tatler, delicious magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Sussex Life and many more.

It was a brilliant project to work on. All the early morning starts with photographers chasing the perfect light, whilst we trampled across the South Downs chasing sheep, pigs and cattle, were worth it. Goodwood may be famous for fast cars and horse-racing, but it has been farmed by the family for over three hundred years and is one of the only self-sustaining organic farms in Europe: being able to tell this story to the world was rewarding and fun.