The words tone and voice get bandied about a lot: but what do they mean? And why should you be investing in defining yours?

Thinking about your brand identity and how this is portrayed via the words you use across your business is one of the most important exercises you can do – whether you’re a big brand or solo entrepreneur.

Understanding who you are, who your audience is and how you will reach them will ensure your brand resonates with the right people, driving engagement and sales.

So – what is a “tone of voice” document?

It’s how you sound to the outside world. It’s the written expression of your personality; your values translated into words.

Why should you have one?

Consistency generates trust. Having a clearly defined voice will ensure you sound the same whether it’s web copy, social copy, e-mails, printed marketing materials, advertising or event signage.

It’s an essential tool that will ensure you’re talking to your customers, not at them and not past them.

A dream written down is a goal

The human brain is drawn to clarity – people need to be told again and again what you’re all about. Having a clearly defined voice will help you communicate better and get this message across.

Remember: pictures and websites don’t sell things – words do.

Want to have a go at defining your tone of voice? Download my free worksheet, which goes through all of the crucial questions about your brand, your business and your core values.