I have no idea where March and April went – they seemed to just disappear in a puff of smoke. How can it be May? It’s either old age, lockdown loopiness or just general spring madness, but I have no idea where the time goes.

This morning was the first time I felt I could come up for air. It’s taken me too long to figure this one out, but work has to ‘work’ for you. It’s not just about how much you earn; it’s about doing work that first and foremost makes you happy and fits in with the rest of your life. For me, that is a delicate balance. I’ve spent a long time thinking about the clients I want to work for, how often I want to work, how much I want to earn and how my work fits in around my commitments as a mum, wife, daughter and friend.

I haven’t cracked it, but I am getting there. I’m not great at carving out the time for my learning, which I believe is super important as a freelancer. Perhaps I need to block out time in my calendar – any tips most welcome.

What kept me busy last month

My contract with the lovely Parham House & Gardens has come to an end – it was sad to say goodbye, but it’s the right thing to do as my main focus now is project work. I want to take time off in the school holidays, so having retainer clients that need support in the summer season didn’t make sense.

My final project for Parham was a complete overhaul of the website, liaising with designers, working with the family on vision and content and bringing together all the moving parts. We’re launching the new website in days, and I can’t wait to see what people think.

Meanwhile, my work with Swiss-based branding and comms specialist AVM Consulting continues. I’m now collaborating with Anne on content creation for one of her clients – New York-based jeweller Nina Runsdorf. Her designs are incredible, and her story even more so; looking forward to loads of storytelling work for this client.

Lastly – I ran my half marathon! I raised over £500 for local charity Sussex Snowdrop Trust. See my JustGiving page here.

This month I’m excited about

I’m back at Goodwood working on a new and exciting event that is soon to be announced. This project is a pure comms one: planning, PR, strategy, a bit of writing – all stuff that I love doing and (more importantly) feel very comfortable doing. I love Goodwood: it has such energy.

I’m also delighted to be doing a bit more journalism these days. I was commissioned to write an in-depth article for trade magazine Retail Week about shops and the 15-minute city – see here. Hoping to write for them regularly going forward.

Spring has always been my favourite time of year – this one has been cold, but I feel energised. Things that kept me sane this month include running, sea swimming, tulips of every colour in my garden and my kids settling back into school.


  • Currently reading The Giver of Stars, by Jojo Moyes – haven’t got into this one yet, but it’s promising
  • I finished Any Human Heart, by William Boyd, last month. It’s a book that really moved me years ago when I first read it and it moves me still. Such a beautiful story about love, life and what it means to be human.


“People don’t choose between things, they choose between descriptions of things.”

Daniel Kahneman